Jack Randle - The Sound of Sinatra

"Watching BBC1 and the Frank Sinatra thing.   Jack Randle should be on there!!!

I had the pleasure of doing a photoshoot for him. He was singing Sinatra to a backing song. Hairs on back of my neck stood up!!  

Anyone who likes Sinatra music and is looking for someone to sing at an event? Book Jack Randle"  - Mark Catanach Eternity Images on Facebook


"It was fab, I thought they had a CD playing only to realise it was acutally you singing."  Louise Dela-Haye via Facebook


"The Crooners section went down well and kept a few people dancing who were just about to leave!!  Your dulcet tones!!"  Sarah Dalgleish via email


"Just wanted to say thank you for such a great night.  We'll definitely be booking you again.  I loved all the songs you  sang during super, my kinda music.  Thanks once again for a brilliant night."  Carol Arthur via email


"What a voice!  When you sang 'Seventeen' it was just like the real thing."  Caz Tricks via Facebook (she meant 'It Was A Very Good Year')


"If you close your eyes it's like he's in the room." Mrs Olwen Crisp.

what they say . . .

"if you close your eyes, it's like he's in the room"                                          Tel. UK 07791 683416   Email. [email protected]

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